Running is altering my lexicon

My freshman high school was made of a series of circles. They forced us to run around the gym circle 14 times. They said this was a mile and a half. It was miserable and usually half of it involved walking. Sometimes if I was feeling extra, extra energetic I ran the whole time. This was rare, and if I succeeded, I felt like death afterwards. I never thought of running further than that. It was impossible to run more than 1.5 miles. Well, it was impossible for me. I knew other people could run further, but they are obviously RUNNERS… that’s what they were born for; it’s natural for them to run. Why else would they do it?

I’ve begun running on my own (sort of) in the more recent past. I started out doing the couch to 5k, or c25k as we often refer to it. C25k redefined the word impossible. All of a sudden after that program, impossible was defined as anything over 3.2 miles.

It's impossible for me to run more than 1.5 miles... I mean 3 miles... er...

Yesterday I ran 5 miles. I did not walk at all. Amazingly, I didn’t feel that tired afterwards either. My goal is over 6 miles now, and probably further in the future.

Impossible has been redefined for me again. In many contexts that I see it used, impossible can be defined as simply a mental barrier. I’ve realized that has been its true definition in my life thus far. Now that I’ve realized this… impossible is kind of a joke… or maybe it’s a challenge?

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