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Been using a 2GB microSD card in my new camera. It’s an older card from before they had a speed rating system. So it would be considered a class 0. The slow write speed was causing some of the HD … Continue reading

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What is fitness? Fitness is the state of being fit. What is fit? Being “thin” or being in good physical condition. These are acceptable answers when talking about running, like I was last week. Today I’m thinking about a different … Continue reading

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New(ish) Computer

A few months back I bought another PC from I wasn’t going to get any more. 6 should be enough for one room. BUT… the 2 servers create a TON of heat. Keeps the room at 85 degrees year … Continue reading

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I ran today. I find that running is far more difficult if I don’t continue to run regularly. I tend to follow a running schedule really well for a week or 2, but then take a week or 2 off … Continue reading

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Well, this is different.

What happened here?! Where’s Is it down? Why, yes. Yes, it is down. It’s only temporary though. Dry your tears. I just happen to be currently transferring registrars for that domain name, and I quite simply just haven’t set … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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