Frugal Fix Friday: Shattered PSP Screen

This is not my PSP, but it sure looks like how mine did.

I got my PSP for free BECAUSE it looked like the one above.

What happened is that it got sat on, dropped or something like that. I saved it from the trash can, spent $25 on a new screen, and became the owner of a PSP. Yay!

I’ll explain exactly how to fix it. It’s easier than you think!

You will need a set of small screwdrivers, and the ability to remove 4 screws in total.

First thing you need to do is remove the battery, and flip the PSP over. Then remove the 4 screws (marked by red circles).

Now that the screws have been removed and were put somewhere SAFE, flip the PSP over again and pull gently on the faceplate to remove it.

Next, we need to remove the button assembly from the bottom of the screen. I found this to be easiest with a small, flat-tipped screwdriver to gently pry on the left side (Red circle).

With the button bar assembly detached from the screen, we must unhook it’s ribbon cable. to do this, use a small flat tipped screw driver to gently lift up on the dark piece of the connector. You should be prying on the top part of the connector (Red Arrow), the hinge is at the bottom where the dark attaches to the light.

Once the connector is up, the cable will slide right out.

Next, remove the screen. There are 4 little tabs holding it in, grab your flat-tipped screwdriver once again, and release the tabs/pry the screen out at the 4 points (there are 2 on both the left and right sides of the screen, Red arrows).

Once the screen has released, flip it forward. Be gentle! We do not want to hurt the ribbon cable connectors.

Now you can unhook both ribbon cables the same way we did the first one. The only difference is that on this large one, you will want to carefully pry all the way along it or use something wide to pry it up, like a debit card.

Time to unwrap the new screen and connect it. Then re-assemble the PSP by following the previous steps in reverse order.

Once the PSP is all assembled except for the faceplate, I like to clean it. I used a can of compressed air, lens cleaner, and a lens cleaning cloth.

First I cleaned the clear part of the faceplate inside and out using the lens cleaner and cloth. Make sure to clean the inside really well. Any dust or fingerprints in there will be visible on your screen, but you will not be able to clean it without removing the faceplate again.

I removed the left and right bumper buttons and cleaned those off because they get grimy.

Once cleaning is done, then replace the buttons, and the front cover followed by the 4 screws in the back.

Grab your favorite game and pick up where you left off.

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