$300 Car Repair for $20

Almost 2 years ago, I took my car to the local dealership/mechanic because my “check engine light” was on. They charged me over $130 just to plug in the computer and read the code! I didn’t know at the time that I could just go to any auto parts store and they would read it for free, but that’s besides the point. They told me what the error was and that it would be another $170 or so to fix it, otherwise my car would continue running fine despite the light and it might just fail to start on occasion. So if I had it fixed, it would have cost me over $300 all together. I opted to drive it with the error light.

For just $40 more than they charge to read an error code, my friend just bought a (very nice) code reader. We plugged it in the other day and saw that it was a bad “EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor”. That part can be replaced for as little as $20  and 5 minutes of your time. No tools required even! So, we swapped it out and turned off the error light. No problems since. (I paid $40 for the part, a $20 lazy tax, because a $40 model is what the local parts store had on hand and I didn’t want to wait for shipping from the online retailers. Luckily I’ve been saving $20 a week by not driving to work!)

A big thank you to my friend! I owe him lunch. 🙂

Now for that stupid window regulator…

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