Updated Commute Cost Calculator

Today I updated my cost calculator to support daily gas price updates.

As you can see below, I added 2 new columns. In the gas price column, you just enter the price of gas that day when you enter your transportation mode. The second new column, Cost of Commute will calculate the cost of driving on that day.


Other things that were effected by this are the Average Gas Price, and the Total Cost of Driving. Average Gas Price is no longer an input because it is calculated by the numbers in the cost column. It didn’t occur to me to move it from the input section until now. Smile Total cost of driving is now calculated by the Cost column as well, instead of by the average.

The only problem I have with it right now is that the “Total Saved by Packing a lunch”, and “Total Saved by Biking” are not as accurate as the “total cost of driving” because they are still calculating by the average gas price. You can see in the example above that “Total saved by packing lunch” is 5 cents lower than the total cost, but since everyday this month that I drove, I brought a lunch, it should be the same. It’s not a huge difference now, but on the year end review these discrepancies will add up. It’s still a great visual, I think and will help me immensely.

If you only drive to work, and never drive home for lunch breaks, the “total saved by packing a lunch” figure will not matter to you anyways. I figure that’s one of the pieces of this that is kind of custom tailored to me.

My most current update of this workbook can be found here: Commute Calculator Type- Microsoft Excel Workbook Size- 119.6 KB
NOTE: This is an Excel file, and I used data validation on it so it cannot be opened on Excel web services (in your web browser). You would need to download it and use the full version of Excel. I don’t know if it will work in OpenOffice I have not tried that.

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