Commute Cost Calculator

Last night I was re-computing how much money I would save if I continued to bike because gas prices went up.

As I did so, I thought it would be cool if I had a log of how much I had spent driving to work vs. saved by biking. So, I set to work making a yearly log.

Each month has it’s own tab. On that tab, I have a list of 31 days and I enter either a B (for biked), D (for drove and went home for lunch), or L (for drove, and packed a lunch). Then, in the cream colored boxes I enter the average gas price that month, the distance (one way) to work, and my vehicle’s approximate gas mileage for my commute.

Then the sheet will calculate my total cost of driving, how much I saved by packing a lunch on driving days, and how much I saved by biking. It will also make a pie chart of how much I did each.


On the “Year” tab, I display a summary of my statistics from the year. Including total cost of driving, total amount saved by biking, a graph of gas prices each month, and my costs each month.


It’s really motivating for me to see the dollar values add up as I’m trying hard to bike to work on a more daily basis.

I’ll erase my data from this workbook, and post a blank one here in case anyone is interested in using it also. It is somewhat custom to my preferred methods of transportation, biking and driving, but it’s not real complex and you could adapt it to accommodate public transportation and others forms of transport as well. I’m also using monthly average gas prices to calculate cost. I might change it so that I’d enter the current gas price each day for a more accurate cost estimate.

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