Why Bike?

I should bike to work every day. I could tell you how super “green” I am, and how I need to bike to save the planet. That would be lying though; I’m more selfish than that. I am entirely for driving less, and any other methods for saving the planet (and getting our country to shed a few pounds in the process), but its just not the first thing I think about in the morning. My honest, and admittedly selfish reasons for wanting to bike are money and fitness.


What is there to say about fitness? I’ll stay healthier the more I move, simple as that. I pilot a desk everyday; the more physical activity I can sneak into my schedule the better. Also, biking is great cross-training for running. So it’s a win all around. Lastly, I want to be a centenarian.


I live close to work. It’s just a 5k away. So that’s 3.2 miles one way or 6.4 miles round trip. I’ve started bringing my lunch to work with me, but before that I always drove home for lunch. For a total of 12.8 Miles per day. My vehicle gets about 12.2 mpg in the city on a good day. Average gas prices here are around $3.50/gallon right now.

So, When I don’t bring a lunch it costs me $3.67 per day ($80.74/Month) to go to work. If I do pack a lunch it’s only $1.84 per day ($40.48/Month).

That’s over $900 per year in gas just so I can drive 3 measly miles. It would make sense if I lived further away, but spending over $900 for 3 miles!? Lazy.

These figures only account for gas. They aren’t taking repairs, oil changes, and maintenance into consideration. In reality, it costs me easily over $1000 each year to drive somewhere close enough that I could WALK.

What is the cost for riding my bicycle? Maybe $10 per year for maintenance supplies and 10 Minutes per day. (It takes about 15 minutes to get to work via bicycle as opposed to an avg. 10 in the car.)

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