Full Speed Ahead

In the beginning of the month, I proposed to my girlfriend of seven years, Amy. She didn’t


Amy & I on Barn Bluff in Red Wing, MN right after the proposal.

laugh in my face, and actually, she accepted my proposal. So, now I am engaged! It’s a very exciting time. We’ll be getting married July 28th, 2012. Fortunately, that’s a bit off in the distance still so we have time to plan.

We are currently taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University together (Yes, I bought the ring in cash), and before that we had read “The Total Money Makeover”. We are certainly “gazelle intense” about eliminating our debt. So far we have paid off 2 credit cards, and only have one left!!! After that it’s our cars and student loans. The reason I mention FPU is because it inspired us to have a debt-free wedding. A debt-free wedding seems like the perfect way to start our debt-free life together. We’ve seen the statistics about average weddings costing over $30,000!! We don’t have that much money, and we’re trying to climb out of the hole so there is no way we’re going to take on another 30k in debt! We’re determined to stick with Dave’s plan and start our marriage free from slavery to creditors.

The only thing I’m worried about is that our debt snowball will have us paying off our last debt in May of 2012. That’s only 2 months before the wedding. I’m not sure we’ll be able to save very much in 2 months. So, I think we’ll have to pause our snowball to be able to fulfill our goal. Our goal is to save $5000 for our wedding. Our challenge is to plan a wedding under $5000.

Pausing may set us back a bit on our “debt-free date”, and we might end up having to pay more interest as a result. The reason I’m not super worried is because I know that on July 29th, 2012 we will be able to start attacking the snowball once again, and this time we’ll be able to be even more intense. We’ll be DINKs after all…

I believe that God will provide for us in the way that is best.

Did you have a debt-free wedding? What advice do you have? Cost cutting secrets?
Let us know in the comments below!

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1 Response to Full Speed Ahead

  1. Tony says:

    Hey Josh,

    My wife and I had a wedding that cost around $4000 total (not including the Honeymoon) and as our friends and family said… it was one of the best weddings they have ever attended. Here are some tips:
    1. Have your wedding on a Friday, most places give great deals for Friday weddings.
    2. Find a photographer who is just starting out, but has a lot of raw natural talent. You can usually get these folks for a bit cheaper than the experienced competition. Our wedding photos are amazing and we got our guy for $700 (compaired to his competetion charging $3000).
    3. Don’t spend too much on flowers, people can go out of hand with this. I luckily had a friend who was a florist so she did our wedding as a wedding present.
    4. Cake. This may sound crazy, but Super Target has amazing cakes and they do wedding cakes for a fraction of the cost. I had so many people commenting on how amazing our cake was 🙂
    5. Wedding Dresses can be outrageous, my frist wife spent $2500 on her dress. Holly found a beautiful wedding dress for $125 (though not including veil and such), and it was beautiful. So look around, the deals are out there.

    Anyway I think it is great you guys aren’t going to break the bank putting your wedding together. It is one day of your lives, an important one, but not one to go into debt up to your eyeballs over. Dave Ramsey is awesome btw.

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