Cold Weather Running: Day 1

Brrr! It got chilly out. No more running in the perfect 60 degree weather anymore.

Wasn’t sure what all I needed to wear. I just knew my hands would freeze.

What I ended up wearing windpants, an underarmour all-season long sleeve shirt (with the “keep warm” side out”), a fleece hoody, and because I couldn’t find anything better, my old leather/cashmere driving gloves.

This mismatched ensemble did the trick. After the first half mile the only thing cold was the air going into my lungs.

As far as performance goes, it seems I was relatively unaffected. I ran a pace roughly in the same ballpark as my other recent runs.

I think I’ll give it a whirl again tomorrow.

Oh, I did have one problem with the gloves… when I thought I had pushed the button to start my run on the Nike+… I didn’t. So, I ran the first 1/3 mile without being tracked, and then ran an extra 1/3 so that the tracking would still say 2.0 Mi.

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