New(ish) Computer

A few months back I bought another PC from I wasn’t going to get any more. 6 should be enough for one room. BUT… the 2 servers create a TON of heat. Keeps the room at 85 degrees year round. And if they’re putting out that much heat when sitting pretty much idle… you know they’re sucking up a lot of energy, too. Between the 2 of them there are 5 power supplies.

The servers are old. They are IBMs from the early 2000s. The PC on woot was another refurbished HP (as is my Media Center). It has a quad-core processor, 6GB of RAM, and supports hardware assisted virtualization. So… I bought it, formatted it, installed Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V. Then I converted all my VMWare machines to the Hyper-V format and moved them over to the new PC.

Now the servers are shut down and the room is eerily quiet. I was so used to having the 16 fans running in those servers 24/7. It’s a lot more comfortable to be in the room now, too. It still stays warm, but hovers around 75 degrees instead of 85-90.

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