Last Friday I was working on my server 08 computer, which normally I do remotely because I’m never home, but I was home so yeah. ANYWAYS… The driver in 08 for the graphics card in that machine didn’t support 1440×900 so text was vary hard to read. I saw this as a good excuse to replace the video card. So, I ran out and bought a new one. I didn’t look around too much I just grabbed the cheapest decent AGP card I could find. When I got home I remembered as soon as I picked up the case that it uses low profile cards. The one I bought was not. I saw two options, return the card, or swap the cases of my two desktop computers… I chose to swap.


This is the computer that is currently running server 08. It’s not a real great machine, but it runs everything I need. It won’t run most new games, but I don’t play any anyways.

It’s specs at this point:
CPU: 2.4Ghz Intel P4
RAM: 512 MB (soon to be 2G)
Video card: Nvidia quadro (basic from IBM)
HDD: 40 GB


This is the old gateway. It’s a real nice, big case. But the components inside are from ’99, ancient at this point. It’s running on a 700Mhz Processor that I took out of another one of my computers a couple months ago it was at 600Mhz before. The memory is maxed out at 384MB.


Here is an inside shot of the gateway case before I had done anything.


This is the IBM.


Here is my finished gateway (If I can call it that). All of the parts are from the IBM except for the PSU and Video card which I bought new and the larger of the two hard drives (160 GB) which I stole out of an old DVR cable box.

The parts that were originally in the gateway are still scattered around my room. I can’t decide if I should bother putting it back together, or just virtualize everything I had running on it and be done with it.

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