Server 08 Shots

I don’t have much to do at the moment… so here are some screens of server 08.
**EDIT** I notice that Live Spaces automattically "Optimized" my file sizes for me… So, Sorry about the crappy screen shots.**
Server 08 Screen 1
As you can tell from the start menu here… alot of uniformity with Vista.
Server 08 Screen 2
Instead of having both "Manage your server" and "Computer Management". They have been combined now into "Server Manager".
Server 08 Screen 3
Certain Version of Server 08 come with Hyper-V which is basically the equivilent of having Microsoft Virtual Server or VMWare Server Built-in to the OS.
Server 08 Screen 4
A shot of the IIS 7 Site manager.
Server 08 Screen 5
This, as you can see, is what the default Remote Desktop Web Connection page looks like.
Notice the tab for remote applications. This allows end users to use only a specific program if that’s all they need.
This helps you out by saving resources and helps the user out because it’d be faster than logging into a remote desktop.
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