Another Project….

I found yet another project I want to do!! Actually it’s more of an addition to a project I already had planned. Originally I wanted to build a media server (with alot of storage, as in a terabyte or two) that I could rip all my CDs and DVDs to. This way I could stream movies and music anywhere in the house (or world if I so choose), and I’d never have to get off the couch to pop in a disc! This project just got cooler though! I just heard of XBMC, or the XBox Media Center. Apparently it’s been around for quite a while now, but I hadn’t heard of it before.
So, I want to convert my Xbox into an XBMC. It seems really slick. I will be able to house all my media in one location, and I saw someone online who successfully got it to interface with his DVD Profiler database instead of IMDB. Perfect, now it’s everything I want!!
So, now I can build my media server, load all my DVDs and Music to it, and stream from the server to the XBMC.
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